A Shape in a Drape – Espresso


Her mystique is mesmerizing. You are entranced by her intoxicating notes of dark chocolate, honey and caramel with sweet, clean notes. That lady, her name is Moto. Staring at you from across the room. There she is, a shape in a drape, lifting you into ecstasy. Exactly the jolt you need to take on all that this day has to offer. Let her carry you.

Product Description


Roast Level – Espresso

Flavor Profile: Dark Chocolaty, Fruity, Clean, Sweet Bubble Gum

Sweet cup, velvety and creamy body with dark chocolate and smoky notes. This coffee is for those who enjoy a full bodied coffee experience without the bitter aftertaste so often experienced with a dark roast.

Country: Ethiopia
Area: Djimma, Harrar,Limu
Altitude: 1800-2000
Varietals: Heirloom
Process: Washed/Natural

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Additional Information

Coffee Package Size:

12oz, 24oz, 35 oz, 70oz

Recurring Order Interval:

1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks


Espresso, Turkish

Moto’s story

Long ago, men did not know how to make moto, marafiki. When lightning struck and created moto, the people captured it with sticks and took it with them to cook and light their villages with. Whole villages worked hard to make sure their moto did not go out. And when it occasionally did, they often went for long times with cold food.

Those were also the days that men were first becoming acquainted with buni. They would pick the bright red berries and find the pale seeds inside. They learned to roast the pale seeds until they turned brown and glistened with oil. They learned to crush the roasted beans and drip water through the powder to make delicious coffee.

One day, in a village not far from here called Epesi, a man was experimenting with the ground buni beans and discovered a way to let steam pass through the aromatic powder. The coffee that came from it was strong, black and frothy – so strong, in fact, none in the village were brave enough to drink it (for all knew the power of buni).

Yes, rafiki, all were fearful but one. Espressa, the bright young daughter of the man who had made the strong brew, decided to try it. She sipped the strong, hot beverage gingerly. At once, she felt wonderfully energetic. She broke from the village on a dead run, feeling the joy of energy inside her. Round and round the village she ran, faster and faster in the tall grass that surrounded the village. So fast she ran, the grass began to heat up and, yes, you guessed it, moto appeared licking in the tall leaves.

The villagers, in wonder, ran out and stopped Espressa from running. They were afraid the village would burn up! And so, mankind learned that friction of fast movement makes moto and they never had to wait for lightning again! Now, if you want to run fast enough to make moto, try a dark coffee drink called espresso, named to this day for the woman from Epesi.


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