Muddy Waters


Life can get a little murky at times. Sometimes you tread through muddy waters. But the most important thing is that you rise from the waters, avoiding the jaws of the crocs that lie within. Allow Ngwenya to get you through this with a big crocodile smile. With bright, juicy notes of strawberry and wildflowers, you will hop those jaws with grace.

Product Description

Roast level – Medium

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Juicy, Floral and Sweet

It turns out Ethiopia is the birthplace of more than just coffee!The oldest human skeleton ever found, over 4.4 million years old, was found in Ethiopia and named Ardi. Ardi is a natural processed coffee under exporter’s care. After being hand picked, it’s dried on a raised bed in the sun for three weeks. During this process sorting the under-ripe cherry is continued by skillful workers.*

Country: Ethiopia
Area: Oromia
Altitude: 1850-1900 M
Varietals: Heirloom
Process: Washed

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Ngwenya’s story

You all know Ngwenya, marafiki, for he is the one we watch like Senga when we swim in the river. He is stealthy and quick. One minute we can be swimming, and the next we are running from the sharp teeth and scaly skin of Ngwenya. Have you ever noticed how long and slender Ngwenya’s nose is, rafiki, and how snaggled his teeth are?
It was not always so. No, for many passings of seasons, Ngwenya had a short square nose and his teeth fit his mouth perfectly. But, once upon a time, there was a grand emperor who lived by the large river in the north, where Ngwenya lived. Very wealthy was he, and had all of the finest things.
This Emperor loved coffee more than anything else. He had searched the world over for wonderful coffees, and had created a blend of special beans from Rwanda, and Ethiopia and Tanzania. When brewed, this aromatic blend of fine coffee beans filled the land with the most marvelous smell. Ngwenya had never smelled anything so splendid. He felt powerfully drawn to the aroma, as if by magic.
The first day he smelled it he crawled from the river, moving mesmerized toward the source of the scent. He didn’t notice the palace guards until they were upon him, beating him back into the river with sticks. The next day, he tried to do the same thing. Again he was beaten back with sticks.
Finally, Ngwenya was forced to stay in the river and smell the wonderful coffee from afar, a cruel fate indeed for our friend Ngwenya, and one of the reasons he can be so vicious today! It is also the reason, in case you hadn’t guessed it marafiki, that his nose has grown to be so long. So, if you prepare the beans of the emperor, be aware of the magic of its aroma. Do not beat your friends back into the river, when they wander to your house, noses in the air!


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